In 1887, a German immigrant named Peter Luger with his nephew Carl launched “Carl Luger’s Café, Billiards and Bowling Alley”. After Carl died, Peter renamed the place “Peter Luger Steak House”, a brand now widely recognized. Following his death in 1941, his son Frederick took over the restaurant. But the business was sluggish and Frederick eventually had to put it up for auction. Sol Forman, a producer of cutlery who had the manufacturing facility near the restaurant, won the bid. Sol was an avid fan of steaks and known to enjoy steaks almost every day. After Sol passed at 98 in 2001, his two daughters Amy Rubenstein and Marylin Speira took charge of the restaurant. Today, Amy and Marylin's daughter Jody continue to run the place.


T-Bone Steak

The original Peter Luger is widely famous for its T-Bone steak in which you can enjoy both fillet and New York Strip (sirloin). Using the USDA-approved best quality prime beef, Peter Luger Steak House Tokyo also imports beef tasted and selected by our expert staff appointed by Peter Luger family. Once the beef is shipped via air cargo, it is dry-aged for more than 28 days in the special aging chamber. The aging process makes the meat softer and richer in aroma and taste. Sufficiently aged meat is then trimmed and salted to be lightly cooked in a specialty broiler, a process to guarantee its deep umami. After slicing the beef in a serving size, the meat is placed on a plate with melted butter only to be put into the broiler again. After a few minutes, the beef is finally served to tables. The steak that endured this prolonged preparation offers the best tasting experience that is extremely rich in umami.

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Beef imported according to unique standards

Beef used in the steaks is chosen by our expert staff educated with the traditional selection method employed since the beginning of Peter Luger Steak House. We also send out our staff to the slaughterhouse so that we can secure the best beef before it becomes available in a public market.

A strictly confidential aging process

Peter Luger boasts its own aging technique that has continued throughout its 130-year history. Peter Luger Steak House Tokyo embodies that technical tradition that ranges from temperature, humidity, to other aging room conditions that remain top secret to this day.

Refrigerated air transport

Every week, Peter Luger Steak House Tokyo air transports from the U.S. refrigerated beef that is purchased by our expert staff. While we can resort to sea transportation, we know that only air cargos can ensure the same aging period as in Brooklyn.


The three-story brick structure exudes the essential ambience of the original Brooklyn building. The 1st floor is equipped with a waiting bar where guests can enjoy aperitifs. Guests can also purchase from takeout menus and gifts at the shop on this floor.

The 2nd floor is a spacious dining hall with a 6-meter-high ceiling. Inside, guests can take in the view of the open kitchen, a first for Peter Luger. The 3rd floor balcony seats, with their theater-like layout, enable guests to enjoy food with a view of the 2nd floor hall.

7 private rooms of various sizes allow guests to separate the space according to purposes. The lighting fixtures are designed by a specialty designer from New York City who ensured that patrons as well as the food are all incorporated into the entire structure as interior elements.