Porterhouse Steak

The most popular menu is the T-bone steak called “Porterhouse Steak” from which guests can enjoy both fillet and New York strip (sirloin). At Peter Luger, only USDA-approved prime beef is used. An experienced staff member selected by the owner daily inspects, tastes, and purchases the meat which is then dry-aged in its unique facilities. The dry-aging process deepens the both aroma and the taste, and helps soften the meat. The properly aged meat goes on to be trimmed, salted, and cooked in the special broiler which torches the surface and adds umami to the steak. The meat is moved onto a plate with melted butter, then the entire plate is once again put into the broiler for a few minutes. The plate is then finally served to the guests. The steak prepared by this method is rich in juice, umami, and chewiness.