Regarding Reservations

We started accepting reservations since 9/1 but we registered 140 groups within 3 minutes of reservation’s opening; most dinner tables are filled, with only a few lunch tables still remaining. We extend our sincere apology for not being able to accommodate all of you.

With this, starting Sept. 8th, we decided to extend the reservation starting point from 60 days in advance to 90 days in advance of your visit. Also, we resume our Line AiCall service; we recommend that you use this system when making reservations.

l  You can now make reservations up to 90 days in advance.

We would change reservation starting date from 60 days in advance to 90 days in advance, at 1-hour interval. For example, when making a reservation at 5 p.m., Sept. 13th, it is possible to make a reservation until 5 p.m. Dec.12th. 

l  You can use Line AiCall to reserve a table.

Artificial intelligence will automatically respond to your request, checking real-time seat availability and accepting reservations around-the-clock. We are also glad to introduce our new system; at the completion of your reservation, you will be notified through our official Line account. (in case of reservations from your cellphone) The number is 050-3311-3744

l  We launched our official Line account.

You can now meet us at Peter Luger Tokyo’s official Line account. We have stamp cards and Frequently Asked Questions available, along with much more information.

1)Stamp cards

Every time you dine at our restaurant, you gain certain points on your stamp cards which can be used later for discounts. Of course, the more often you dine in, the more points you get. The points can used at our boutique shop also.

2)Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions will be answered by our chatbot, operated by AI.