Bar & Boutique & Private Rooms

The first floor features a bar and four private rooms designed for groups of eight. These rooms can be connected with partitions, allowing you to utilize them collectively for gatherings of up to 32 people. Additionally, there is a dedicated boutique for takeout, offering items suitable for takeaway or gifting.

Private room fee: Minimum guaranteed fee of ¥100,000 per room (for 8 people).

Total 67 seats
35 seats at bar / 32 seats in private room (4 rooms x 8 seats)

Main Dining & Private Room

The second floor of the main dining you'll find an energetic space featuring an open kitchen, creating an exciting atmosphere. The floor showcases a roomy and expansive setting, boasting a ceiling height of 6 meters. Additionally, we provide a private room suitable for groups of 10.
Private room fee: Minimum guaranteed fee of ¥100,000.

100 seats in total
Dining 92 seats / Private room 10 seats (1 room)

Dining & Private Room

On the third floor, you'll find a more laid-back atmosphere for dining. The layout is designed theatrically, allowing guests to enjoy their meals while overlooking the second-floor dining area, similar to balcony seating. Additionally, we've set up one private room available for groups of 10.

Private room fee: Minimum guaranteed fee of ¥100,000."

Total 64 seats
Dining 54 seats / Private room 10 seats (1 room)

For customers with children

Preschool children are welcome to bring their children along for lunch. For dinner, children are only allowed in the private room on the 1st floor (minimum guaranteed rate ¥100,000/room). We plan to hold Family Day three times a year (year-end and New Year holidays, Golden Week, and Obon period). Please use the multipurpose toilet on the 1st floor to change diapers.

We use high-temperature plates at our restaurant, so please be careful to prevent burns and injuries to children.

  • Please be sure to hold hands when leaving the table.
  • Please refrain from dangerous activities around the table (standing up on chairs, running around the table, etc.).

Thank you for your cooperation of everybody.

Please note that in order to be considerate of the customers around us, we may ask you to make a call.

Please use the diaper changing table located in the space in front of the elevator hall on the 2nd floor and in the restroom.

If you have any problems, please feel free to contact our staff.

Boosters are also available, so please use them.