Preschool children are now allowed in the dining room *Lunch time only

Image of a child eating a hamburger

Until now, we have limited the use of preschool children to private rooms. The main reason was to prevent burns and other injuries. However, in response to strong requests from customers, we considered measures to prevent accidents and made the dining room available only on the recent Children's Day, which received positive feedback from everyone.

Based on the results, we have decided to accept preschool children in the dining room only during lunch time. In addition, we will prepare a ``kids plate'' so that children can enjoy their meals as well.

This is the Tokyo store's original set menu, which includes an American cheeseburger made with aged meat, fries, and a mini chocolate sundae.

We aim to be a restaurant that can be enjoyed by everyone from a steakhouse for adults to three generations of the family.

kids plate

Kids Plate
¥3,000 (tax included)
American cheeseburger fries broccoli mini sundae
*Applicable to children under elementary school age
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